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Often the dogs are injured and in desperate need of veterinary care. This is Vincent, he was found badly injured and his ear missing. He is doing well now as you can see in the final photo. He is now looking for a new forever home. If you're interested in giving him a new chance in life contact lorraine Benson using the dog adoption form. Thank you. 

Daphne - German Shepherd cross pup in foster care. Nearly 4 months old. She can see shadows but otherwise blind. If you feel you could adopt this lovely girl please contact Lorraine Benson using the contact form. 

Another little one safe from his abusive "owner"....saved from further abuse and certain death by a lovely CAP foster. The "owner" is being brought to justice for the abuse through the courts. 

UPDATE: Troy now known as Billy is at his new home in the UK

This poor girl is about 8 years old and has also been saved and is in urgent need of ongoing veterinary care. Please help her and her puppy friend above. 

The amount we need to help both these poor abused dogs is £1000. 

On behalf of these poor little dogs Thank You so much for any donation you can give

UPDATE: Leah has been found to have lung cancer and heart disease. She is staying on Crete to live a comfortable, happy and fear free life for as long as she might have. She will not be allowed to suffer, but will enjoy some days in the sunshine resting with other German Shepherds for company. She will continue to need medication to help her be comfortable, so please if you can donate anything you can spare, then every pound will go towards helping her.