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The homecheck team will be in contact with you direct to arrange to meet you
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Please do not apply if you arent totally committed to adopting as our time is very precious ,2019 saw many time wasters

All potential adopters will be home checked by a volunteer from the homecheck team we use .. They will live locally to you and will call you personally to arrange a convenient time and day to visit. This is just a formality and is a chance for the home checker to point out any safety aspects you may not have realised existed, such as holes in fences, low walls the dog may be able to jump over and doors leading onto main roads which may be a concern.

There will then on completion of a successful homecheck be a contract sent out by post with two copies both to be signed and one returned in the enclosed stamped addressed envelope for our records and so we can register the microchip details for you on the uk database as required by law  

Arrangements once payment is received will then be made to transport the dog or cat to the adopter ,if already in this country on the next available transport or if still on Crete then as soon as theres an available space when the animal is 16 weeks old and old enough to travel .in case of pups and kittens .

Animals passport will be given to an adopter only when full payment has been received and the animals  microchip will then be registered in adopters name and address...please inform any changes so registration can be updated by ourselves,the adopter will receive the official paperwork from the microchip  data company

We ask for a non refundable adoption fee of £250 for animals in UK ,if adopting in any other country we agree the flight and passport costs prior to adoption with you  .

 Your adoption fee is payable before adoption and includes the full passport for the dog, neutering if the dog is old enough to be neutered , microchipping and rabies vaccination as well as flea and worming.

Dogs will have had their vaccinations

Puppies will have had their first and often their second vaccinations its at your discretion if you have the third .

the microchip details will be registered free of charge on the UK database ,all paperwork will go to the adopter please keep us informed re change of address ,its your responsibility by law to change these details and there will be a nominal charge for doing so

The  adoption donation  can be paid via paypal [email protected] ( friends and family button) if this button isnt used charges are taken by Paypal which an adopter will have to pay .....

or to a UK bank account of which details can be sent separately to you.

Any vet treatment, kenneling, food, bed, toys, treats, collar, lead or harness provided for your adopted dog whilst waiting to be adopted has been paid for by kind donations from supporters or by fundraising activities or from our own pockets  There is a lot of time, phone calls, travel costs, homechecking and networking needed for each animal which is often given freely by rescue volunteers. Donation fees in many cases don't actually cover the full amount thats been needed to help these dogs, but go a long way to helping the next dog in need. Without this money we would struggle to exist to help them. 

We thank you for wanting to adopt your pet and provide him or her with a long and happy home.

Alle potentiële adoptanten krijgen een huisbezoek van één van onze vrijwilligers, dit is alleen om te kijken of de hond of kat in het juiste huisje terecht komt. Er wordt door de vrijwilliger contact met u opgenomen om een afspraak te maken.

Ons adoptie-tarief is 250 euro voor een niet geneutraliseerde hond en 290 euro voor een geneutraliseerd hond, dit om de onkosten te dekken van het reisklaar maken van de hond (chip, paspoort, sterilisatie, vaccinaties, ontwormen, vlooienbehandeling en transport.)

Wij vragen een borg van 50 euro die niet terugbetaald word als de adoptie niet doorgaat. Dit doen wij om te voorkomen dat er aanvragen worden gedaan die niet serieus zijn maar ons wel tijd en geld kosten. De eventuele dierenartsbehandeling, pensionkosten, eten, bed, speelgoed, lekkernijen, riem of harnas voor uw geadopteerde hond terwijl u wacht op de afronding van de adoptie, worden betaald van donaties van donateurs of door fondswervingsactiviteiten. Er gaat veel tijd en geld zitten in het bemiddelen van dieren; veel telefoongesprekken, reiskosten, huiscontroles en netwerken wat veelal wordt gedaan door de vrijwilligers ter plekke en in Engeland en Nederland. Donaties dekken al deze kosten niet maar helpen ons een behoorlijk end op weg om de talloze dieren te helpen. Zonder deze donaties zouden wij het niet redden.

We zijn uw dankbaar voor het adopteren van een zwerfdier en het dier een lang en gelukkig leven te willen geven.