This page is for all CAP adopters - please send in photos of your adopted dog or cat and let us know how they are getting on. We would love to include you on our website. Please email Lorraine Benson at [email protected] and attach your photos.  We look forward to hearing from you.

on Facebook there is a page dedicated to adopted animals from throughout Greece ,please feel free to add your dog or cat s photo and details ......Animals adopted from Greece throughout the world

Mum and 4 kittens found by a tourist and now rescued and in foster care waiting to come to UK to the tourist who found them.

Lovely ROCKY abandoned on Crete as a pup alone and frightened 16 months old with love and care hes blossomed into a confident ,loving family dog who lives a wonderful life in the UK with his very own human companions ....a life filled with adventure and lots of love ,enjoying a life all the abandoned dogs are so deserving of ,a family to call their own and freedom to be a happy ,well loved dog ...thankyou to the many people who were involved along the way getting him to where he is now ,its been a journey for everyone involved but hes proved he was worth every second of our time xxx 

BEFORE     Another little one safe from his abusive "owner"....saved from further abuse and certain death by a lovely CAP foster. The "owner" is being brought to justice for the abuse through the courts. 

NOW....... at home in the UK, playing in the garden after having his first walk out in the woods. He is a happy little chap, always wagging his tail and likes to grab your ankles from behind with his two front paws when you're walking in front of him.