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In the UK all dogs must have a microchip fitted by the time it’s 8 weeks old. This is a simple procedure where a tiny chip, the size of a grain of rice is insterted just under the skin. A handheld scanner can locate the chip which has a unique identification number. This number is held on a database and your contact details accompany this number. If your dog is lost and someone finds it they can take it to either a Veterinary Practice or the RSPCA to get it scanned so you can be located and reunited. 

You can be fined up to £500 if your dog isn’t microchipped.

The rules are different if you’re in Scotland or Wales

All CAP dogs are microchipped and registered to the Charity. 

Updating your details

When you have adopted your dog you are responsible for keeping your dog’s microchip information up to date. So remember if you move house or change telephone number you must have this information updated. When you initially adopt your dog your details are sent to the database by the charity as part of the adoption process. Should these details need to be updated in the future, normally you would have to contact the database company your dog is registered with and this currently costs around £6

CAP DOGS - Your dog is dual registered with Cretan Animal Protection

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